Tasty Tamarillos | Tamarillos straight from the orchard to you
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Tama the Tasty TamarilloTry our Tasty Tams… picked fresh and delivered straight to your door.

Hard to get them fresher than that!


  • Our tamarillos are of a high standard – juicy and tasty.

  • So versatile, tamarillos can be used in a variety of ways, eaten fresh or cooked. (See our recipe blog for inspiration!)

  • We deliver fresh, seasonal tamarillos via courier directly from our tamarillo orchard to your door.

  • Your tamarillos are PICKED TO ORDER and dispatched within 24 hours of being picked so they are super fresh.

  • Our tamarillos are NEVER chilled

  • Freshness in every mouthful

  • We want you to LOVE our tamarillos


Indulge yourself in the luxury of fresh tamarillos!


TIP: We only ship our tamarillos Monday and Wednesday. Orders must be place by 2pm Sunday for shipping Monday and 2pm Tuesday for shipping Wednesday.

We prefer to ship South Island orders on Monday due to the roading issues caused by the Kaikoura earthquake. 

We don’t ship later in the week in case of courier delays as we don’t want your poor little tamarillos being spoiled, sitting in a courier depot all weekend!